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Whether it's local, regional, or long haul, at Norris Trucking Inc. our fleet will make your move the safest move with damage free freight, on time delivery, competitive rates, and management support on all the details that can complicate a move.

Our Vision.

Our drivers bring years of experience to hauling.  We treat your equipment as if it was our own.  We move it safely and in a timely manner.


Our first responsibility is to our customers and to provide the best service they can receive in meeting all their needs.  We respect our customers dignity and recognizing their merit.


We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work.

Our Solution.

Norris Trucking has an extremely diversified fleet.  Not only do we handle everday equipment needs, we also specialize in moving oversize and over weight loads.


We have proven to be the most reliable, concientious, and safe provider.  Every employee is dedicated to complete the job with the finest and safest service.

Our Services.

As an expert in heavy hauling and flat bed services, Norris has more than 30 years of experience in the transportation of large, heavy and unusual items.


State-of-the- art technology, equipment and innovative solutions to complete even the most complex heavy haul projects make Norris leader in the heavy haul industry.


Our range of specialization includes moving buildings, power transformers, stream drums, water tanks, machinery,shuttle cars, feeders, continuous miners, shears, and other items.


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