Van Freight.
Step Deck.



Our company is based out of WaltonvilIle, Illinois.  You can request a quote online at or call our well diversified coordinators at (618)279-3599.

Our fleet includes multiple 53 foot van trailers.  Our trailers are all air ride and are less than five years old.  We offer food and non food grade equipment. 


We also offer a drop trailer service for those multiple load customers.   


Each 53 foot van is equipped with logistic straps, swing doors, and load locks.

We offer several step deck trailers for those needing 48 or 53 feet of space.  Each trailer is fully equipped with 3'8 inch chains, 12 straps, coil racks, 6 and 8 foot tarps, pipe stakes, and edge protectors.


We are well versed on ordering any permit for overwidth or over height, with or with out weight. 

Flat Bed.

Norris Trucking Inc. offers a complete line of 48 and 53 feet Flat Beds.  Each Flat Bed is equipped 3'8 inch chains, 12 straps, coil racks, 6 and 8 foot tarps, pipe stakes, and edge protectors.


We look forward to loading and hauling your standard Flat Bed load or any over dimensional or over weight load that you may have.




Whether loading a Caterpillar D-11 or a complete continuous miner we are prepared, with correct permits, proper routing, and escorts to haul your load to it's final destination.


We offer a basic 3 Axle, 4 Axle, and 9 Axle trailers.  Norris Trucking Inc. can configure any trailer to fit your specifications up to 13 Axles.


We are very competitive, and offer seasoned drivers with a professional can do attitude. 

 Hot Shot.




For those time critcal shipments Norris Trucking Inc. offers our Hot Shot service.  We offer standard pick up trucks as well as an F350 with an 11 foot bed.  Our Hot Shot services are available 24 hours a day.


This is a very popular service wth a very competitive rate in today's market of just in time.

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